About Kidney Head

It’s a foundation to help children on dialysis and their families. My son started this idea on the life lessons we learned while his daddy was sick and even more through the life lessons we are still learning. We lived this life for a few years. Most will never understand the magnitude of the heart break, the disbelief that this could happen to you or your family, the fear of death, and the fear of life. Because by the time you start dialysis you don’t know if not surviving is harder or scarier than surviving.

The financial outfall that accompanies these problems is absolutely mind boggling. Most friends and family have no idea what your going through. I guess its just easier to stick your head in the sand and not listen to the facts. I guess it’s easier if you believe what you want to instead of realistically facing the true reality of the disease. We have lived so many problems, so many opinions, so many people that never read an article or visited a dr. to gather the facts that just didn’t believe Brett’s life was so fragile. But there was one person that did see ALL the hard times. This person was a 10 year old boy. So when early one morning, he was forced to call 911 while I ran to my husbands side to try to save him. He saw it all. No, his dad wasn’t ok. He died right there in my arms.

As we have tried to find a purpose for this terrible ending to a long struggle for health and life as we knew it. We have had difficulties. But my son said to me,” can you believe how horrible this kind of life would be on a kid?” I mean, all that Brett had to endure was horrific. Can you even imaging how a young child could cope with this? Our hearts were opened as we decided our mission would be to find out the needs of these children and their families.

We have so many stories to tell… There are kids out there that need our help. We can’t do it without you. You helped bring a great Christmas to some of these kids… But we can do more. Some need help buying their meds, some need an extra car to make sure the breadwinner of the family gets to go to work, while his wife can take their child for her life saving dialysis treatment. Some are at the verge of loosing their homes, jobs, lives.

Kidney Head wants to help as many of these problems go away as possible. This is who we are…. This is what we hope to do…. Our heartbreak is why it matters to us. I believe with your support, we can help these kids and their families.

Meet Bryson

Bryson Burks started the idea of Kidney Head through the life lessons he and his mother learned while his father, Brett, was sick with kidney disease. His father died when he was 10 years old, and Bryson was immediately determined to help others going through the same thing his family had gone through. His focus was on children who had kidney disease and were on dialysis. He saw the stress and pain his father had to endure and could not imagine the effects it would have on a child. Bryson's selflessness, compassion, and ambition are why Kidney Head exists. Everything he does is focused on making better lives for others.