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Kidney Head Heroes are those who help by giving financially. Without Heroes, we cannot reach the goals we set. When you give to Kidney Head, every penny goes towards providing for the needs of children on dialysis. We also believe it is important to give these children things to take their mind off of the stress they are going through. Your donation will directly affect these children, and it will show that others care for them.

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Kidney Head Fans are crucial to achieving our goal to help children on dialysis. A Fan shows public support of our mission at Kidney Head, whether it be in videos, social media posts, or any other form of communication. Fans, like Heroes, show these children that there are others who care about them. A Fan is also someone who volunteers at events, helps with fundraisers, and spreads the news about our mission at Kidney Head.

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Kidney Head Kids are what it's all about. These Kids are those who help out any way they can. They help at events, help with fundaraisers, and share Kidney Head's mission with the people around them. Not only are Kids the children who help, Kids are also the children who are actually on dialysis. We want to show these children that they are just like everyone else. They deserve to be treated the same as our Kids who help out.

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